Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Raw Moans

I've fallen victim to one of indie music's goofiest sub-genres. Whether you want to call it witch house, haunted house, drag, or simply use a triangle or an inverted cross, this dark brand of electronic music (i.e., oOoOO, White Ring, and GR†LLGR†LL, for example) is catching on like a bad rash - but it's actually quite good. Despite its novelty, "witch house" is becoming more intriguing and satisfying.

Perhaps it's the thrill of experiencing something completely new in an industry where every genre gets recycled again and again. Or maybe the gothic beats and throbbing drones really are that endearing. Regardless, witch house label Disaro is pumping out some of 2010's most promising acts.

Case in point: California's Raw Moans. I think they deserve special attention because they are - from what I've heard at least - a unique group to emerge from Disaro's haunted house. In other words, they're a more accessible group, one that has potential for outlasting the witch house craze (or is there even an end in sight?). Not quite as dark as their contemporaries but still delightfully eerie, Raw Moans prove that drag/haunted house can incorporate disparate and engaging elements like r&b, pop, and even dance. In many ways they're like the love child of How to Dress Well and Toro Y Moi but manage to retain their own distinct voice.

I just hope you're ready for them.


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