Thursday, May 27, 2010

Universal Studios Florida

Last summer this Seattle band hooked me with their unique name. I'm always nostalgic for my childhood days of Nickelodeon and Super NES games, especially during summer months, so a band named after such an iconic symbol from the early 90s naturally piqued my curiosity.

It was USF's music, however, that kept me listening, and I'm still enjoying their debut LP - Ocean Sunbirds - almost a year later (out on Little Fury Things). It seemed like almost every indie band last summer were releasing tropical, dreamy, and borderline-ambient tunes into the blogosphere, but for me at least, only a few really mattered; only a few, like Universal Studios Florida, were creative enough to be appropriate after the hazy summer months.

USF's blending of 80s film score aesthetics and sparkly tribal grooves make them one of the most exciting bands making music today, despite any musical (or seasonal) fads. Check 'em out:

Universal Studios Florida - New Cub from Filmed in Stereo on Vimeo.


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