Friday, May 14, 2010

Mickey Mickey Rourke - Festive Bummer

Just as independent artists tend to challenge conventions and defy musical expectations, these bands/musicians are also known for their unorthodox - and oftentimes ridiculous - names. From Raccoo-oo-oon to Abe Vigoda to Sun 0))), indie artists choose monikers that are, admittedly, quite distinctive but can be simultaneously challenging and unnecessarily cumbersome (try Googling Girls or Universal Studios Florida, for example). Regardless of the effect, I am more interested in the motive. Are these names idiosyncratic representations of artistic visions? Or are they simply meant to be spectacles?

Despite the presumed novelty that the name suggests, I encourage you to take MICKEY MICKEY ROURKE seriously, or at least give it a careful listen. The new solo project from Neon Navajo's Miller Rodriguez is a perfect example of how an interesting band name can appropriately reflect an equally unique approach to music. He plays with sounds in subtle yet complex ways, similar to Ducktails or Bradford Cox's Atlas Sound, quietly manipulating typical arrangements to hypnotic ends; layer upon layer of ambient, beautiful (and sometimes sad) noise, communicated through a variety of instruments and styles, has a calming and engaging effect that even recalls earlier Sigur Rós albums.

Though MICKEY MICKEY ROURKE wouldn't typically be filed under "chillwave," his new album, Festive Bummer, seems like it was made to "chill" to. Listen to the track "Coze," embedded below, and experience it for yourself. But be careful, and don't let the name fool you: this is pretty addictive stuff.


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