Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hear Hums

Helping form what seems to be a natural union between audio and performative visuals, Florida's Hear Hums forward an experimental vision that begs a fundamental question: is music meant to be seen and heard? After hearing (and seeing) the group's latest album, Notions Shift at Tryptamine Bay, the short answer is - yes.

The songs refreshingly recall the eccentric playfulness of Animal Collective's Sung Tongs and even the ambient, tropical meanderings of Universal Studios Florida, but their delivery is altogether unique. In other words, they create songs that evoke complex, hypnotic musical landscapes, and they physically execute and complement their vision, at least in live shows, with their own psychedelic visuals.

Combining music with images (i.e., Caribou, etc.) isn't an entirely new concept, of course, but there is something special and endearing about Hear Hum's subtle yet earnest approach to "making music that is art." For those of you looking for something new and gorgeously progressive, then, look for the band's forthcoming record, Psyche Cycles, in the fall of 2010. In the meantime, enjoy a clip from one of their live shows:

HEAR HUMS -- Woowhirl from Hear Hums on Vimeo.


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