Friday, June 25, 2010

Cosmic Sound - VHS Vision

If you enjoyed the the artist I raved about in my last post - New Jersey's Com Truise - then you're in luck; your foray into the 80s isn't over yet.

Fortunately, Houston's Cosmic Sound also records overtly retro tunes - songs that are drenched in 80s-inspired synths, beats, and blips. And his appropriately titled, self-released album, VHS Vision, is available now for free download.

Also like Com Truise, though, Cosmic Sound doesn't allow his attraction to the 80s to limit or entirely define his sound. The influence is there, of course, but he blends that nostalgic sound into arrangements that are contemporary and unpredictable - ones that are all his own. One of his songs can mix, for instance, what could be 80s film score material and tropical dance bliss; likewise, another song could just as easily explore both ambient and house stylings.

This is an exciting release, people. Download this album and Com Truise's Cyanide Sisters ASAP.


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