Monday, June 14, 2010

Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk - "Last Night Sucked"

The summer months lend themselves well to breezy, tropical-infused pop music. There's something about the warm weather and long days that makes acts like Washed Out, Tanlines, or Ducktails seem even more enjoyable than usual.

Nevertheless, I would argue that other sounds are perfectly appropriate for June's balmy weather. Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk, for instance, are making music that is perfectly suited for summer (or any season, that is); their tunes highlight the organic shift from the dismal winter months to summer's more vibrant landscape. In other words, they remind listeners that it's okay to let go and and connect with music that grooves with intensity.

"Last Night Sucked," from their forthcoming release Skeletor & Me on Solid Melts (cassette) and Worker Bee (CD), gets my vote for summer of 2010's song with the most "windows-down-at-night" potential. Its constant hooks and layered, soaring vocals make it surprisingly poppy and accessible, at least to a point, but the song's underlying, driving force is gritty and wonderful; that is, "Last Night Sucked" seems to take subtle cues from noise-pop acts like HEALTH and Wavves, alternative rock disciples Surfer Blood, and even shoegaze outfits like Deerhunter

Download this song and take it with you on your next summer drive.


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