Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Delorean - "Stay Close"

The time has come. Delorean, the Spanish dance-pop group who released the excellent Ayrton Senna EP last summer, have announed that their first LP - Subiza - will be be available on June 8th. In the meantime, though, fans can enjoy "Stay Close" - the album's first single (see the gorgeous video below).

Much like their True Panther label mates Lemonade or Tanlines, Delorean are masters at delivering breezy, house-inspired synthpop. On "Stay Close," however, they go a bit farther. It is a hyper, unrelenting, four and a half minute dance track that manages to stay undeniably poppy while sampling a disparate combination of sounds; imagine the music of an early 90s catwalk juxtaposed with Animal Collective's "Brother Sport" or Memory Tapes' "Bicycle."

Could this be the future of pop?


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