Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Atlantic Manor

For your consideration: Florida's the Atlantic Manor. Though the prolific group have already released an impressive eleven albums, they somehow remain hidden from the mainstream music scene. According to what I've sampled from their catalogue, though, the Atlantic Manor serve as proof of what is so often true: quality music usually is absent from the mainstream.

In their pursuit to "keep the underground alive one record at a time," the Atlantic Manor create music that is massively appealing for its blending of endearing genres but is conventionally less accessible in its insistence on unpredictable and unique arrangements. That is, the band produces psych, folk, and drone country dirges, much in the same vein as Lambchop, Deer Tick, or Bonnie "Prince" Billy, that would be out of place on local radio but seem destined for vinyl on summer nights among friends.

If their latest release, "The World Beneath This World is Brightening," isn't immediately appealing, don't disregard the Atlantic Manor; after all, a twelfth record is probably already in the works.


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