Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jónsi - "Boy Lilikoi"

Sigur Rós fans rejoice. Jónsi, the Icelandic's band's unofficial "frontman," is expected to release an album's worth of solo material in early April. This is probably old news to most, but it is news worth celebrating, nonetheless. The album, simply titled Go, will feature nine tracks - none of which are longer than five and a half minutes. And according to some of the tracks' titles, Jónsi will also be speaking in English (no Hopelandic?). Sigur Rós this is not. This also isn't Jónsi and Alex, thankfully.

The album's first single, "Boy Lilikoi," is further evidence that this isn't simply Sigur Rós Pt. 2. You can stream this song and others for free here.

Simply put, the song is gorgeous. If this track mirrors the rest of the album, Sigur Rós fans should expect the same sweeping, beautiful arrangements that normally define the band's sound. However, the song also suggests that fans should anticipate a more straightforward approach. "Boy Lilikoi" does not meander as some of the more dense Sigur Rós songs do. That is, there is a stronger sense of melody, and there are more noticeable hooks and harmonies (think Sufjan Stevens or Owen Pallett). Perhaps, then, Jónsi represents a more accessible Sigur Rós?

Here is the best part: Jónsi's vocals are the highlight of the track. He shows off his range - his ability to reach impressive and beautiful octaves - but he also sings more consistently. We hear Jónsi throughout, and that is a good thing.

The lyrics, however, are another matter altogether.


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