Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How to Dress Well & Cokc Dokc ("drone&b"?)

To an extent, this post is simply echoing the good folks at No Conclusion. Fortunately, they have helped spread the word about one of the most interesting sounds of 2010 - How to Dress Well & Cokc Dokc. Strange name. Even stranger sound. Is it good, though? You bet.

Therefore, I think it's necessary to say a few words about this group - even though I'm not the first - for two reasons:

1. Their sound is unique and completely subverts the latest lo-fi, dream pop craze; imagine Bon Iver's vocals, the almost unlistenable yet compelling lo-fi quality of Wavves, and jj's dreamy, mysterious approach to R&B. It's haunting, really, but catchy as hell at the same time. They describe their latest EP, for instance, as "four more drone&b, abstract pop cuts from yr lo-fi shai boysssss."

2. They've released six - yes, six - EPS in only a few months, and all of them can be download FOR FREE (!) from their blog.

Do yourself a favor; jump on this bandwagon now.


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