Friday, February 5, 2010

Nika+Rory - LA SUXXX

I'm usually alone when I try to defend auto-tune. Admittedly, the propensity for artists to use this feature has become a little ridiculous, but I would still argue - even if I have to argue alone - that it can work when used well. To make my case stronger it seems, Nika+Rory emerges with "LA SUXXX" - an insanely catchy, danceable yet intense song that is completely saturated with auto-tuned vocals (download track for free here). Nika Danilova, from Zola Jesus, and Rory Kane's side project is immediately promising, and I predict they will be a group to watch in 2010. There is something special, after all, about a band who make auto-tune seem new and effective, a group who mix traditional R&B and dance in a familiar yet unique way.

Recommended for fans of Sleigh Bells, Alaska in Winter, Discovery, jj, etc.


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