Thursday, December 2, 2010

Blackbird Blackbird - "Erasers"

Prolific chillwaver Mikey Sanders, aka Blackbird Blackbird, is busy once again with new material. He just sent over a new jam called "Erasers" - a preview of what's to follow on his sophomore full-length that has yet to be titled.

Blackbird Blackbird - "Erasers"

It's a busy but fun little number that highlights his vocals more so than previous tracks, and "Erasers" is, above all, further proof that Sanders can crank out quality tunes at a rate like no other. And who knows? By tomorrow our inbox might be filled with even more Blackbird Blackbird goodness.

Be sure to also check the video, directed by Drew King, for one of Sanders' older songs (and one of my personal favorites), "Pure".

Blackbird Blackbird "Pure" from drew king on Vimeo.


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