Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jon Lemmon - Kindling EP

Though relatively new to the scene, New Zealand's Jon Lemmon just dropped an EP, seemingly from out of nowhere, that sounds unusually accomplished and complex. That is, it's hard to believe that Kindling, released today independently, is his debut solo release.

I suppose the formula is simple enough: lots of electronic beats, glowing synths, 80s-inspired guitars, and earnest and atmospheric vocals. Many electronic producers have found success with such an approach, so I guess the underlying question is this - is there room for yet another similar artist in a presumably flooded arena?

This answer is yes. Like I said before, Kindling is a complex work, one that is underscored with a mature grasp on the ambient-pop aesthetic. Album opener "Somewhere with Something," for instance, is a fast-moving number with a strong beat and bouncing keys, and "Words" follows with even stronger hooks and driving electronic rhythms. The tracks that follow, though, like "Nowhere in a Room" and "Steppenwolf, pg. 247," change in tone almost completely, allowing darker, moodier sensibilities to emerge. All the parts fit together, however, resulting in a remarkably cohesive and memorable hybrid of DIY bedroom pop.

Yes, there is room for Jon Lemmon - and I don't think he'll struggle to find a niche and claim a place among his contemporaries. These predictions are based, of course, on what takes place throughout the EP, so go here to download and experience it yourself.


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