Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hooray! - "Bedroom Adventures"

I've been meaning to write something about Ben Wagner's rising dream-pop act Hooray! for a while now. His understated but undeniably smooth beats and ambient drones have grown on me over the past few months through songs that borrow from genres as disparate as chillwave, shoegaze, and hip-hop. So when Ben sent this song over the other day, I knew it was a perfect time to feature Hooray! on Things as They Are.

Hooray! - "Bedroom Adventures"

"Bedroom Adventures," the title track from his latest full-length, is a trippy, atmospheric tune that that relies heavily on its driving hip-hop beat - but manages to float beautifully with the help of Ben's dreamy, indistinct vocals and sparkly synths. It would fit nicely on a playlist with similar artists like Blackbird Blackbird or Foxes in Fiction, of course, but could also fit right in if played alongside an act like How to Dress Well. It's an interesting track, to say the least, and I'm eager to see what's next for Ben.

For now, though, you can hear more Hooray! jams by downloading Bedroom Adventures here or purchasing the tape through rad label Wonder Beard Tapes.


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