Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Mynabirds - "Numbers Don't Lie"

It seems like a perfect time for Saddle Creek to release the Mynabirds' (project of ex-Georgie James member) debut album What We Lose in the Fire We Gain in the Flood (out April 27th). The once booming Omaha-based label will likely benefit from this new group and experience a small revival of sorts. Or perhaps they won't; it all depends on the effect this band will have on listeners.

Judging from their first single - "Numbers Don't Lie" (see embedded video below) - the Mynabirds will probably make quite an impact on the indie music scene. The song forwards an interesting blend of genres that have recently gained popularity; that is, it is highly reminiscent of She and Him's twee handling of classic country and soul and Edward Sharpe's more rustic yet overt nod to folk rock.

Whether the Mynabirds make a grand entrance is a concern for the future, I suppose. For now, though, their single is immediately endearing and is an appropriate track now that spring is here - and summer isn't far behind (and their forthcoming album will prove useful for those who have grown tired of repeated listens of Volume 2).