Wednesday, March 16, 2011

SéanceIntheSun - "Luna"

Kevin from San Diego's SéanceIntheSun sent over this noise-pop track yesterday, and ever since it's been growing on me like crazy. He described the group as a two-piece "beach-punk" act; "Luna" certainly validates his description but also suggests why they're not yet another "beach-punk" band.

Let's face it: the whole lo-fi, beach-inspired pop MO is becoming a cliche and will likely suffer the same fate as chillwave or some other fad sub-genre. But "Luna" seems to transcend any easy label by incorporating a range of sounds and styles. It's beachy, yes, but it's also inspired by everything from shoegaze to classic grunge. It's a short and simple tune but definitely worth a listen. Keep your eyes peeled for more from this rising West Coast act.


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